Chemical-Solution Inc. specializes in Pharmaceutical chemicals with Business Unit Pharma for Marketing Div. (Sales, Purchasing and Market research Dept.), Development Div. (Regulatory affairs, R&D and Patent Dept.)
as well as Business Unit Chemicals and Unit Finance & Management. It was established in year 2000 by spinning out pharmaceutical division from the mother company, Deukyang. Deukyang was established in year 1958 and currently it consists of 5 companies, DeukYang Trading Co., Ltd.,, DongDeuk C&C Co., Ltd., DongDeuk HRD Co., Ltd., DongSeo Asset Co., Ltd., and Chemical-Solution Inc. We have been active in the worldwide chemical & pharmaceutical industry, based on the corporate spirit of sincerity and business morality.

With a link to online business by, our main role would be for our partners to be the first generic source in each market by in-time preparation of CTD, as well as EU-dossier + B/E study. As a distribution channel for individual partners and individual countries to improve market share, we provide full market & product information service with full transparency, enabling our partners to maintain the competitiveness in price and quality. We also contribute to the reduction of administrative costs of our partners by in-time regulatory affairs and logistics. The collaboration with our partners demands mutual trust and engagement, driven by the objective of creating a culture of mutual reliability. This is our philosophy to establish long term partnerships, producing great results for both parties. We are proud to have a history of successful collaborations in different environments and markets, based on team pro-activity, rapidity of action and focus on objectives.

The basic requirements for our API is with GMP, with non-infringing process and with high quality CTD/COS according to latest ICH/CPMP guidelines. Through the cooperation with our development partners, we also prepare/supply EU-dossier with B/E study for our customer's Marketing Authorization (or MRP registration).